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The Double Floral Ring showcases the beautiful and classic Chrome Hearts floral motif. Put the ring on and feel a silver flower wrap around your finger, glistening as it reflects the light off its surface. A truly elegant and princely design.

Due to it's beauty and intricacy, this ring is perfect for women who are looking for a ladies ring that will be the centerpiece in the ring set up. 

At the same time, the ring is also perfect for men, because of the cold hard sterling silver that turns something as delicate as a flower into something powerful. That being said, this piece is recommended for men who are looking to balance their Chrome Hearts looks with a slight delicacy and sophistication.

This is also a very rare ring compared to other Chrome Hearts rings and is therefore recommended to those who are looking for a ring not often seen. 

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All Chrome Hearts silver rings are brand new and made from 925 sterling silver.